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  • Ep 178 These Things Matter New York City
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You pal Kevin O’Brien jaunted off to New York for a week to take in the sights and smells, and maybe stumble through a song on a rooftop. Maybe he got into a conversation about being a news producer in the biggest market in the country? Maybe he just soothed his after-brunch stomach with the subtle sounds of a humming truck? Whatever fun he got into he recorded for your audio pleasure!

Listen in as we take in the sounds of NYC, which, for Kevin, mostly involves talking to people originally from Denver, including The Nix Brothers, Zac Maas, Megan Swezey and Adam Maid.

These Things Matter Podcast - King Crimson
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Derek Sheen
  • These Things Matter Podcast - King Crimson

Seattle comedian Derek Sheen is one of those guys. He’s one of those, “Yeah, but have you heard this album?” guys. He may have turned Kevin and Taylor from Prog Rock detractors to Prog Rock endorsers.

Take a trippy ride, man, through the world of David Fripp and King Crimson, from their psychedelic proto-metal phase, to their synth and drum-driven era, to their modern heavy, heavy stuff. It’s all here for you, just join the court of the Crimson King, dudes!

And be sure to check out Derek at your local comedy establishment and on his upcoming comedy album, “Tiny Idiot”!

These Things Matter Podcast Live at Denver Film Festival
  • These Things Matter Podcast live at the DFF
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Denver Film Festival

Oh man, you guys. What fun we had at the 38th annual Denver Film Festival! We talked to Joseph Kolean (director of Valley Maker music video – “Only Friend”), Rob Christopher (director of the feature film, Pause of the Clock), Don Swaynos (producer of the short film, The Outfit) and Michael Haskins (actor and producer of the feature film, Decay) about their favorite animated films LIVE from the 38th annual Denver Film Festival at the Sie Filmcenter.

Why animated films? Because the opening night feature – Charlie Kaufmann’s Anomalisa – features some stop motion puppet sex. We can’t not talk about that!

Check out the rest of the fest through November 15th right here!

These Things Matter Podcast - The Sure Thing
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jon Solomon
  • These Things Matter podcast - The Sure Thing

“Consider outer space. You know, from the time of the first NASA mission, it was clear that outer space has a clear effect on the human psyche. Why, during the first Gemini mission, thought was actually given to sending up a man and a woman… together. A cosmic ‘Adam and Eve,’ if you will. Bound together by fate, situated on the most powerful rocket yet known to man. It’s giant thrusters blasting them into the dark void, as they hurtle towards their final destination: the gushing wellspring of life itself…

…How would you like to have a sexual encounter so intense it could conceivably change your political views?”

Oh, John Cusack. Surely we can all understand why an entire generation of people were googly-eyed at you?

Our pal, WPRB Princeton, NJ DJ Jon Solomon talks about what Gib and Alison meant to him as a kid. We talk to him about the seminal Cusackian film, THE SURE THING. A silly romantic comedy with actual heart! Actual teenagers doing actual teenage things! WHOD’AH THUNK IT?! Ron Reiner, that’s who.

Join us, won’t you? And listen to Jon streaming live every Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET on WPRB!

These Things Matter Podcast - Sublime
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Gregg Ziemba
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Sublime

I don’t practice Santeria
I ain’t got no crystal ball
Well, I had a million dollars but I, I spent it all.

Our guest today, drummer Gregg Ziemba, has deep roots in the Long Beach, California musician community. He tells us all about hanging with producers and such all of whom are connected to Sublime. Remember rolling with your homies blasting 40oz to Freedom? Of course you do! This is not the wrong way.

Listen to Gregg’s band, Rubedo on their website and on Band Camp!

These Things Matter Podcast - The Ben Stiller Show
  • These Things Matter Podcast - The Ben Stiller Show
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Undeclared

Welp, sometimes people cancel on you, so you have to come up with a show… and then sometimes you decide to do the show on cancelled TV shows and it all makes sense. Join Taylor and Kevin as they discuss the legacy of our favorite shows that have gone too soon!

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  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kristen Bartlett
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Right?! RIGHT!? Can you feel the emotion? The music? The pure horn-dogginess of it all? It’s 1963 by way of 1988 and it’s DIRTY DANCING, GUYS!

Join us as we talk to writer/performer Kristen Bartlett about Dirty Dancing, which was a companion piece to her first porn watching experience. Seems about right in retrospect. Practice your lifts, punch a hole in your car, hang up your leather jacket and let’s get to some Mickey & Sylvia lip syncing, guys.

Be sure to check out Kristen’s sketch comedy group Bridge and Tunnel if you’re in the New York area, and then look for the Dead Dad’s Club, her show with our pal Jason Gore. You can also hear Kristen occasionally on the Half Hour of Power, the Best Show Post-Show. And follow her on Twitter!! DO IT!

These Things Matter - Aesop Rock
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Zac Maas
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Aesop Rock

Rarely on These Things Matter do we get to hear a guest’s entire life story, but on today’s episode with comedian and podcaster, Zac Maas, we hear that and more!

How does a smart-ass white kid from South Dakota start spitting science? Aesop Rock is your answer… and Atmosphere, El-P, RJD2, Blackalicious, The Coup, Mos Def, MF Doom, etc, etc, etc. The more poetic side of hip hop. The more thoughtful and political side. That’s what we’re chatting about today.

These Things Matter Podcast - Frank Miller
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Lonnie Allen
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Frank Miller

Cartoonist Frank Miller is known for many things. He’s known for revamping Batman, turning him from a campy playboy into a dark and brooding cranky old man. He took noir and put it in the grindhouse, and he transformed Greek history into extremes of both homophobia and homo-eroticism.

Our guest, cartoonist Lonnie Allen, LOVED Mr. Miller in the hallowed shelving sections of his local Hastings, but now finds himself conflicted. Join us as we discuss this polarizing figure, and join Lonnie at the upcoming Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo (DINK) next March!

These Things Matter - LOTR
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Geoffrey Kent
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Samwise and Frodo

Whether you joined the quest as a kid reading the books, or with the rest of the world when the movie version of The Fellowship of The Ring came out, you’re probably familiar with The Lord of The Rings. Tolkien’s masterpiece is known far and wide as both a work of incredible lyricism and genius, and incredible silliness.

Perhaps you painted “FRODO LIVES” on a wall in 1971? Maybe you pretended to be a half-orc with your pals and some foam swords? Perhaps you just wished you could fine an elven cloak hidden somewhere in the back of your closet? However it came upon you, LOTR does not leave quickly. In fact, it lasts like 3-4 hours a movie!

Grab Gimli and Legolas and join us as we talk to actor, director and fight choreographer Geoffrey Kent about The LOTR… and let’s hunt some orc!