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Welp… that’s a wrap. We didn’t quite make it to 250 episodes, and we didn’t quite make it to five years, but that’s how life goes sometimes. Who would have guessed when we started the show that Kevin would be heading off to New York City and Taylor would be heading to Los Angeles? …I mean, I suppose you probably could have made an educated guess. Nevertheless!

We hope you have enjoyed the show whether you listened to one ep or every ep (god save your poor soul). Please know we telepathically heard every time you yelled at your listening device when we got something wrong. You guys yell a LOT!

To absolutely everyone involved in making this show – producers, guests, designers, photographers, bandmates and listeners – THANK YOU.

And now we present The End.


-Taylor & Kevin

These Things Matter Podcast - Kurt Vonnegut
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Nathan Lund
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kurt Vonnegut


For our penultimate episode we have one of our bestest pals, comedian Nathan Lund, talking about one of his favorite-est authors; Kurt Vonnegut. It should be noted that this was part of a marathon podcast recording session so Kevin may be a bit tipsy, Nathan may be a bit high, and Taylor may be a bit tired, but we couldn’t call ourselves a true podcast, even after doing the show for almost a full five years, unless we had at least a couple eps where people were not quite coherent.

Join us as we discuss Mr. Vonnegut’s work, the tattoos he’s inspired, and the mental breakdowns that lead to getting those tattoos.

These Things Matter Podcast - Magazines
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Ron Doyle
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Magazines


On the first of our final three episodes we have Denver podcast pioneer and storytelling host Ron Doyle talking about his undying love of magazines. From purchasing childhood subscriptions to writing for Complete Woman as the industry was collapsing, Ron LOVES the glossy tomes.

Join us as we chat – there is talk of nudie magazines, y’all – and then go see Ron at The Narrators every 3rd Wednesday at Buntport Theater!

Just wanted to remind all y’all that I’m now spinning twice a month as DJ Gonda:
Sputnik every 1st Fri @ 10pm | Pon Pon every 3rd Fri @ 9pm
It’s really just an excellent excuse to peruse the Wax Trax dollar bin, garage sales, and your mom’s 45s. Let’s sip whiskey and talk about Blood, Sweat & Tears, shall we?

Daisy Glaze 5

Daisy Glaze Pon Pon

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Daisy Glaze 9


These Things Matter Podcast - Cormac McCarthy
  • These Things Mattre Podcast - Sam Tallent
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Cormac McCarthy


“He never sleeps, the judge. He is dancing, dancing. He says that he will never die.”
― Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

Our pal comedian Sam Tallent holds the record for most number of times appearing on the show. Why? Because Sam is a fantastic guest who loves fantastic things, like author Cormac McCarthy and the book Blood Meridian.

Join us as we chat with Sam about The Road, No Country for Old Men, All The Pretty Horses, and all the rest of Mr. McCarthy’s fantastic bibliography. Is there lots of talk of death? Of course there is! Grab your dictionary and let’s boogie!