These Things Matter Podcast - Conan O'Brien
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Isa Jones
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Conan O'Brien

Oh, Coco. We’re all Team Coco, right? I mean, seriously. The Walker Texas Ranger Lever, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Desk Driving, Pimpbot 5000, the Masturbating Bear, Andy’s Sister, Slip Nuts… the list goes on and on.

Join us as we talk to journalist Isa Jones about her young love for the lovable, gigantic redhead, and get some insight into the mind of one young Kevin O’Brien, glued to his black and white TV set every night, learning from the master.

These Things Matter Podcast - Karate kid
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jon Ekstrom
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Karate Kid

How often have you heard the phrase “SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!!” in your head? What about “Wax on. Wax off”? If you were born between say 1978 and 1982, they were circulating non-stop in your brain for years. They certainly were for our guest, podcaster Jon Ekstrom. Jon’s obsession with the franchise means that he knows the names of every Cobra Kai member, and that he’s seen The Karate Kid III more than one time. Yeah. He’s not joking around.

Listen to Jon on Jon of All Trades and go ahead and watch the third and fourth sequels, guys. You won’t regret it.

These Things Matter Podcast - Skateboarding
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Sean Jordan
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Skateboarding

Talking with comedian and skateboarder Sean Jordan is like talking with your friend’s cooler older brother in 1992. He calls you “dog”, he talks skateboarding, he likes hip hop, and ultimately, he’s just a really nice guy… who fucking thrashes, brah.

Join us as we talk all things skateboarding. Ollies, carving, grinding, kick-flips, tailslides, half-pipes, ramps and bowls, dudes. Hell yeah.

Be sure to catch Sean performing his other passion – comedy – in his current hometown of Portland, or all over these United States. Oh! And follow him on Twitter!

These Things Matter Podcast - Firefly
  • These Things Matter - Chuck Coffey
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Firefly

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” Ah, Joss Whedon. People go mad for your witty repartee and your on-the-nose characters who have ironic distance from their situation. Our guest, musician Chuck Coffey, certainly loves it! We talk to the vacation rocker about his love of Mal, Zoe, Hoban, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, River and Derrial. Get up in this Serenity, guys! And then check out Chuck’s band SPELLS, aka the best band in Denver!

These Things Matter Podcast - Mad men
  • These Things Matter Podcast - William Dewey
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Mad Men

“Listen, I’m not here to tell you about Jesus. You already know about Jesus. He either lives in your heart or he doesn’t.” Oh, Don Draper. Oh, Matthew Weiner. Oh drinking and cheating and crashing cars and getting knocked out by hitchhikers and punching coworkers and drinking and drinking and smoking and drinking.

We sat down with our favorite local author, William Dewey, to talk about all things Mad Men. Clocking in at 2 hours, this is our longest episode to date, and we could have kept going with nothing but quotes and “remember that one scene” ramblings. We LOVE Mad Men, and we hope you’ll love Will’s other episode all about David Foster Wallace, and his writings at

These Things Matter Podcast - Bjork
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Nathan Hall
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Bjork

Our favorite composer, Nathan Hall, returns to talk about another ethereal, divine Renaissance lady, Ms. Bjork. Having lived in Iceland for a year, Nathan can give us the lowdown on this small but vibrant land and the woman who in many ways represents all things Icelandic. We explore the ins, the outs, the belts, the whoops, the squeals, the ticks and tones. Oh, to get involved in the exchange of human emotions is ever so satisfying. It’s human behavior, guys.

Be sure to check out all things Nathan Hall at his website!

These Things Matter Podcast - Power Rangers
  • Ep153_pic
  • Power Rangers - These Things Matter Podcast

Go! Go! Power Rangers! Just try to stop hearing that over and over and over in your head during this episode. Grab your sick guitar riffs cuz it’s time to talk Saturday morning/weekday afternoon/forever and ever in syndication television… it’s POWER RANGERS TIME!

We talk to Mr. Pacman’s Jim Compton about his (and his son’s) love of those teenage ninjas (non-turtle). Whether your jam is the OG Mighty Morphin crew, or Time Force, or Wild Force, or Power Rangers in Space, or Power Rangers Mega Force or any of the other 20-odd iterations of the show, all you need is a brightly-colored jumpsuit and a lot of explosions and you’re set to go!

These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things matter Live Podcast

Well guys… we did it. Three years. A little over 150 episodes. Tons of guests, even more tons of stories, and a live concert! We’ll be releasing songs from the These Things Matter Supergroup concert portion of this live evening soon via Soundcloud, but in the mean time, hold onto your butts! It’s Kiernan Maletsky, Jessi Whitten and Jordan Doll of Westword, OpenAir 102.3 and Werewolf Radar Podcast, respectively, talking about Supergroups! Recorded live at The Oriental Theater on Thursday, April 30th! The phrase “Chewbacca was the Abraham Lincoln of Star Wars” is uttered. In other words, IT GETS NUTS!

These Things Matter Podcast - The Clash
  • John Hickey Denver These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things Matter Podcast - The Clash

John Hickey is the Chair of the Communications Department at Kevin’s alma mater, Regis University, and he’s Kevin’s old college radio boss! Join us as we reminisce about the days of sleeping on studio couches, humanitarian trips to Mexico, and the merits of politics in music, all of which were scored by Joe Strummer and The Clash for both John and Kevin.

Join us on April 30th at the Oriental Theater for our THIRD ANNIVERSARY SUPERGROUP SPECTACULAR featuring a live podcast taping and a live performance by the THESE THINGS MATTER SUPERGROUP! Get your tickets here!