These Things Matter Podcast - Frank Miller
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Lonnie Allen
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Frank Miller

Cartoonist Frank Miller is known for many things. He’s known for revamping Batman, turning him from a campy playboy into a dark and brooding cranky old man. He took noir and put it in the grindhouse, and he transformed Greek history into extremes of both homophobia and homo-eroticism.

Our guest, cartoonist Lonnie Allen, LOVED Mr. Miller in the hallowed shelving sections of his local Hastings, but now finds himself conflicted. Join us as we discuss this polarizing figure, and join Lonnie at the upcoming Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo (DINK) next March!

These Things Matter - LOTR
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Geoffrey Kent
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Samwise and Frodo

Whether you joined the quest as a kid reading the books, or with the rest of the world when the movie version of The Fellowship of The Ring came out, you’re probably familiar with The Lord of The Rings. Tolkien’s masterpiece is known far and wide as both a work of incredible lyricism and genius, and incredible silliness.

Perhaps you painted “FRODO LIVES” on a wall in 1971? Maybe you pretended to be a half-orc with your pals and some foam swords? Perhaps you just wished you could fine an elven cloak hidden somewhere in the back of your closet? However it came upon you, LOTR does not leave quickly. In fact, it lasts like 3-4 hours a movie!

Grab Gimli and Legolas and join us as we talk to actor, director and fight choreographer Geoffrey Kent about The LOTR… and let’s hunt some orc!

These Things Matter Podcast - The White Stripes
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Eric Dadourian
  • These Things Matter Podcast - The White Stripes

“It’s quite possible that I’m your third man, girl / But it’s a fact that I’m the seventh son.”

Numerology enthusiast, Jack White, and the world’s most controversial drummer, Meg White, are two of a kind. Fooling the world into thinking they were brother and sister, sporting a three color palette, taking lo-fi to the extreme, The White Stripes changed everything by moving things back to the basics.

For our guest, comedian Eric Dadourian, The White Stripes represented something entirely new, and they were his first true musical obsession after years of a strictly religious upbringing. Join us as we discuss these Detroit kids and their crazy rock ‘n’ roll. And be sure to follow Eric on Twitter at @ericdadourian and on stage in Los Angeles and at your favorite comedy venue nation-wide!

  • These Things Matter Keith Garcia
  • These Things Matter - Wes Craven

To start the episode off, we ask who are the people on the Mt. Rushmore of horror? Though we don’t come up with an answer by the end, we know for certain that Wes Craven is one of those disembodied heads.

Join us as we talk to documentarian and writer Keith Garcia about one of the masters of scaring the living daylights out of you. We talk allegory, blood fountains, and whether or not Nightmare on Elm Street Part II is the gayest movie of all time.

Be sure to watch for Keith’s Denver drag documentary, The Heels Have Eyes, filming now! WERK!

Hi guys! In case you were wondering what all the excitement looked like at our live show from the 2015 High Plains Comedy Festival, well here yah go! Thanks to Carlos Madrid for his photographering wonderfulness, and thanks to our guests and all who attended. What a time! You can listen to the episode here, btw. And you can see more photos from the whole fest here!


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These Things Matter Podcast - Showbiz Pizza
  • Birthday Pop Culture - These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Showbiz Pizza Birthday

You say it’s your birthday? Well it’s my birthday too, yeah! So let’s chat about it! Kevin and Taylor talkin’ ’bout birthdays, sprinkling in a bit of pop culture along the way. Oh, and were you aware of the fascinating story of Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese Pizza? Well now you will be! It’s minisode time!

These Things Matter Podcast Live at High Plains
  • High Plains Comedy Festival These Things Matter Podcast
  • High Plains Comedy Fest

Ah, August. Ah, Summer. Ah, South Broadway. In Denver, all these things mean it’s time for the High Plains Comedy Festival! These Things Matter has been a part of the fun for all three years, and we’ve moved on up every time. Year one, we were in Mutiny Cafe, performing for a crowd that was not quite sure what they were watching. Year two, we blew the roof and the Satanism outta Trve brewery.

In year three, featured on this episode, we were fortunate enough to have the show in the best venue in town, the Hi-Dive. Our topic was “Comedy Movie MVP” and with our guests, Karen Kilgariff, Jay Larson, Jonah Ray and Ron Funches, we discuss who brings it in comedies on the silver screen. Who’s got the best batting average, comedy movie-wise? And how many other sports references can we throw in to the mix?

Thanks to Andy Juett, Adam Cayton-Holland and all the other super stars who made the fest the best! And thanks to YOU for coming out!!

These Things Matter - Doctor Who
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jason Gore
  • These Things Matter - Doctor Who

“Would you like a jelly baby?” Perhaps only on a quirky, wildly imaginative, extremely British show like Doctor Who could such a saying be a catch phrase, and yet there it is! From the Fourth Doctor to be exact.

Oh, what’s this now? You were unaware of the sci-fi/sci-fantasy show that’s been running for over 50 years (give or take a 13 year break) on the BBC? Since 1963, in fact? Where there have been 12 manifestations of the main character (13 if you count the War Doctor, which, of course you should count the War Doctor). My dear companion, you have so much to learn!

Join us as we talk to the Dudio himself, improviser, sketch comedian and Best Show producer, Jason Gore, all about his beloved Doctor Who. Do we end up going off on an hour and a half defense of the Sixth Doctor? No. No, of course we don’t. But if you’re a David Tennant fan, you might be in for a treat!

Also be sure to check out all our other episodes featuring Friends of Tom!

These Things Matter Podcast - Charlie Chaplin
  • Evan Weissman at the Library
  • These Things Matter - Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp changed Evan Weissman’s life. He loves him from his bowler-ed head to his bowlegged feet. Charlie Chaplin himself is also an inspiration. How could one man be such a raconteur, innovator, perfectionist and physically masterful comedian? If more people were able to concentrate so intensely on their craft, says Evan, we’d live in a better world filled with people stuffing their butts with eyeballs.

Yeah, this is a weird one.

But it’s that kind of weirdness that Evan brings to Buntport Theater and his civic health organization, Warm Cookies of The Revolution. Be sure to keep an eye on Mr. Weissman because whatever he’s doing, it’s always amazing.

And be sure to catch up on his fellow Buntportian’s episodes including Hannah Duggan talking Law & Order, Erik Ekborg talking Queen, Erin Rollman discussing the Marx Brothers, and on one of our very early episodes, Brian Colonna talks westerns.

These Things Matter Podcast - Sister Act
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Amanda Gonulsen
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Sister Act

“Don’t worry, we will always be together.” “That’s what Diana Ross said.” Yup. Sister Act. We’re doing a show all about Sister Act. You say, “Taylor and Kevin. This seems ludicrous!” which is a funny way for you to pronounce “religious”, we’ll admit.

Hop on board the Whoopie train as we talk about Catholicism (as usual) and about whether or not people should be allowed to rap about being down with “G.O.D.” with our guest, musician Amanda Gonulsen from Automatic Iris!