• These Things Matter Podcast - Chris Charpentier and Bobby Crane
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Built to Spill

Comedians, Fine Gentlemen and best friends Bobby Crane and Chris Charpentier share many things. A sense of humor, a love of drugs, and a penchant to go every time Built to Spill comes to town. Jump into friendshipville with this duo and see why making guitar noises with your mouth is totally the best.

Bobby and Chris also share statuses as our first double return guest extravaganza! You can hear Chris talk Seinfeld and Bobby talk Modest Mouse till your heart overflows with joy! You can also see them every Wednesday at the Deer Pile above City ‘O City for their weekly show Too Much Fun. Did Dave Chapelle stop by once? Why, yes! Yes he did!

These Things Matter Podcast - Pulp Fiction
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Matt Monroe
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Quentin Tarantino

Comedian Matt Monroe is very much of his generation, aka one of those guys who saw RESERVOIR DOGS and could never go back to thinking about the world other than the way Tarantino saw it. Join us as we discuss the king of cool, obscure, pop cultural references and of long drawn out discussions of mundane topics followed by unspeakable violence. Then let’s all go walk the earth like Bad Mother Fuckers.

AND let’s all go see Matt’s monthly comedy show at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret, Propaganda!

These Things Matter Podcast - Marvel Comics
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Josh Mattison
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Marvel Comics

Our pal Josh was on the great lost episode of These Things Matter. We did a live podcast about podcasts for about 8 people at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver for one of their Black Sheep Fridays events. It did not turn out well, sound quality-wise or content-wise. It was a smash hit, though, self-indulgence-wise!

We figured we should have the man back on talk talk about something other than podcasts. Join us as we discuss the cool massive comic book company. Of course there’s plenty of talk of DC vs. Marvel, but more than that, we’re talking Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Thor, etc, etc, etc. You know, the fun superheroes! HULK SMASH this episode, kids. And look for Josh’s upcoming podcast with fellow friend of the show Patrick Brown! Details to come!

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Holy cow! Check it out! It’s us, LIVE! What a blast! Thanks to Sam Tallent, Ian Karmel, Matt Ingebretson and Andy Haynes! Thanks to Oliver Howard for running sound. Thanks to Joyce Jasurda and Mara Wiles for running t-shirts. Thanks to TRVE Brewing for being so accommodating. Thanks to Karen Wachtel for overseeing the show. Thanks to Ron Doyle for stage managing. And thanks to Andy Juett, Adam Cayton-Holland and Charlene Conley for running the whole fest!

You guys. You guys are amazing. You guys showed up, heart, soul and body (especially body) to our live podcast taping as part of the High Plains Comedy Festival! Trve Brewery brought the metallic heat, our sound dude Oliver Howard brought the audio, Ron Doyle and Karen Wachtel watched out for the big picture, Taylor’s mom and Kev’s lady friend hawked t-shirts (AVAILABLE SOON!), and comedians Sam Tallent, Ian Karmel, Matt Ingebretson and Andy Haynes brought the hilarity thunder! We love all of you!!

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Joyce Jasurda, Jordan Doll, Lauren Bahlman, Jessi Whitten, Karen Wachtel, Mara Wiles and Kahlan Wiles for the shots!

Hey guys! Did you hear? Are you aware? We’re doing a live show at the HIGH PLAINS COMEDY FESTIVAL! That’s right! Friends of the show Adam Cayton-Holland and Andy Juett are doing it again! Join us as we talk about favorite stand-up comedy specials with Ian Karmel, Andy Haynes, Matt Ingebretson and Sam Tallent!! All whilst drinking sweet, sweet metal beer from Trve Brewery! 2pm on Saturday, August 23rd!


And guys… we’re not fucking around here… WE’LL HAVE T-SHIRTS! LOOK AT THESE THINGS! THEY’RE FANTASTIC! AND ONLY $15!


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If you don’t live in Denver and you want a t-shirt (of course you do) we’ll have them available VERY SOON for you. Even if we have to do it the old fashioned way with an exchange of money for a t-shirt via the mail… WE WILL GET YOU YOUR T-SHIRTS!

These Things Matter Podcast - Daisy BB Gun
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  • These Things Matter Podcast - BB Guns

It’s time for a toys episode, you guys. Well, a toys episode that turns into an American history episode that turns into an epic road trip story involving hitchhiking pirates. Seriously. It’s the world of writer and archeologist Mark Sanders, y’all! Join us as we talk about America’s favorite toy – the BB gun. We do so avoiding all discussion of the dangers of American gun culture! How ’bout them apples?!

You can read some of Mark’s many pieces of writing here at Westword and hopefully you’ll be able to read his BB Gun adventure book soon!

These Things Matter Podcast - "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kiernan Maletsky
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Weird Al

We were so thrilled to talk to Westword music editor Kiernan Maletsky about his love for the one and only “Weird Al”. For kids growing up in the 80s and 90s there were few funnier people. Parodies, yes, but also accordion music, funny faces and fart noises! What more do you need?!

Join us as we chat with Kiernan about the man, the myth, the legend, the bologna enthusiast. And be sure to read all of Kiernan’s fantastic coverage of this here Denver music scene!

These Things Matter Podcast - Kids In The Hall
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Haley Driscoll
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kids In The Hall

Holy shit, you guys. It’s head crushing time. Will we use this space just to write our favorite Kids In The Hall quotes? Will we ever get back to 2014 reality, or will we live constantly in a state of Canadian 90s-ness? Guess what, we don’t have to choose! Thanks to comedian and improviser extraordinaire, Haley Driscoll, we can dip our toes into the magical world of Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark and Scott any old time! Throw on your wig, do a silly voice and sing “Doe, a Deer” till your mouth bleeds!

While you’re at it, listen to Haley and Christie Buchele’s new podcast Empty Girlfriend! Do something with your life, Lopez!!

These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kate Gonda
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan

It’s Pan the Man! Join us as we chat with Kate Gonda, aka Taylor’s sister, about growing up obsessed with Peter Pan. If you ever wanted to have adventures with your plucky fairy friend, build tree houses with your pals, fight pirates, and chill with mermaids and American Indians, then Peter Pan was you guy.

Kate wanted to be Peter Pan for most of her childhood (and we have the pictures to prove it). As an adult, she’s rocking into the art world. Check out her portfolio at www.katharinegonda.com and if you see her around town, be sure to ask her to crow like Pan.