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“I did not hit her, it’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi Mark!”

Ah, THE ROOM. What a film. What a piece of beauty from a true auteur. What a wondrous cinema experience. Or at least that’s how our guest musician Mike Marchant feels. I mean, it’s bad. Let’s not get it twisted; however, there’s bad, and then there’s exceptionally, amazingly, unbelievably bad. THE ROOM is that. It must be seen to be believed. Either in the sanctity of your own home exposing new friends to the madness, or in a movie theater at midnight throwing spoons up at the screen. Either way, it is something ya’ll should not miss out on.

Join us as we dive in to the green-screened wonderment, and catch Mike Marchant all around the Denver music scene whenever you can!

These Things Matter Podcast - Jimmy Eat World
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Robin Edwards
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jimmy Eat World

Musician Robin Edwards (aka: Lisa Prank) is back! Back for another round of pop punk goodness. This time it’s those guys in The Middle – Jimmy Eat World! Take a trip down memory lane and relive the halcyon days of the summer of 2001! Anything was possible! TRL was mandatory! Pop Punk ruled the charts and Jimmy Eat World were the probably slightly too old crown princes. Get into bleeding, Americans! Get into Lisa Prank and all the cool things Robin is doing up in Seattletown!


Dear Portland, Seattle and Vancouver! Come have a damn fine cup of coffee with our own Kevin O’Brien and hilarious comedienne Mara Wiles!


    Friday 11/21: Al’s Den in the Crystal Hotel, 10:30pm
    Saturday 11/22: Brunch show at Club 21, 12:00pm
    Saturday, 11/22: Midnight Mass at Funhouse Lounge, 11:59pm
    Sunday 11/23: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at Funhouse Lounge, 8:00pm
    Monday 11/24: It’s Gonna Be Okay at Eastburn, 8:00pm


    Wednesday 11/26: M.R. President’s Pajama Party in The Grotto at Rendezvous, 7:00pm
    Friday 11/28: Laugh Riot at The Neptune Theater, 8:00pm


    Monday 12/1: The Railway Club, 9pm

These Things Matter Podcast - Pinball
  • These Things matter Podcast - Nathan Wright
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Musician Nathan Wright has been in the bands Gauntlet Hair and The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact. He’s booked shows, he’s toured, he’s been here, there, and everywhere. But we ain’t seen nothing like him in any amusement hall. What we’re saying is… he sure plays a mean pinball… or at least not terrible pinball. Actually, we’ve never seen him play, but his enthusiasm for the game makes us think he at least doesn’t totally suck. Join us as we talk about that silver ball, the twack of the flipper, and the precarious glory of the tilt.

These Things Matter Podcast - The Larry Sanders Show
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jason Wenger
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Larry Sanders Show

Hank Kingsley: “I mean Larry is a wonderful guy, he’s kind, funny, rich – my god he’s the boss. I’d date him if I could.” Ah, Hank. Ah, Artie. Ah, the entire Larry Sanders Show team. Jump into 90s late night talk show heaven with us as we explore the world of Larry Sanders. The birthplace of all things we know as comedy today? Perhaps.

Certainly the Apatow empire. Mr. Show. Freaks and Geeks. Newsradio. Alternative comedy stalwarts like Janeane Garofalo, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Bob Odenkirk, Andy Kindler, John Stewart, Todd Barry and Sarah Silverman. Amongst numerous writers, guest stars and producers.

Come visit where it all began with improvisor Jason Wenger! And then go see Jason performing with Hot Nap at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse!

These Things Matter Podcast - Morrissey
  • These Things matter Podcast - Joe Phillips
  • These Things Matter Podcast - The Smiths and Morrissey

Instead of going to a club and standing on your own and you leaving on your own and going home, and crying and wanting to die, you could just listen to our episode about Morrissey and The Smiths! Join us as we talk to actor/improvisor Joseph Wolff Phillips about “maybe the greatest human ever” – his words. Those kinds of statements are what makes the true Morrissey fan, and also what makes the true Morrissey fan so easily laughable. Ah, well. As long as we have our gladiolus and our quiff hair and our morbid sense of humor, what difference does it make?

These Things Matter Podcast - Dinosaurs
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Ian Cooke
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Dinosaurs

We were so thrilled to have musician (and old school chum of Taylor’s) Ian Cooke on the show today! His new album, Antiquasauria, arrives Spring of 2015. It’s all about dinosaurs, so of course we’ve gotta talk Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park, to be sure, but also The Land Before Time, Dinotopia, Land of The Lost, Dinosaurs the TV show, King Kong, Clash of the Titans, Denver The Last Dinosaur, and most obscure, Taylor’s favorite library album “Dinosaur Rock”!

Check Ian’s website here for all your Ian Cooke needs, and be sure to catch him around Denver (and the country) to hear some serious cello-centric prog rock goodness.

These Things Matter Podcast - Celebrity Chefs
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Danny Palumbo
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Anthony Bourdain

Comedian Danny Palumbo hails from Pennsylvania, but really you could say he hails from the kitchen. He’s been in the shit with the best of them. Sautéing, grilling, seasoning, stirring, grinding, simmering all the live long day as a line cook. His kitchen experience has given him insight into the world of celebrity chefs and the artistry of food. Bourdain, Lagasse, Batali, Ramsey, Oliver, Child and Fieri. Yes Fieri. Are we saying Guy Fieri is an artist? I mean, perhaps an artist in the medium of grease? We hope you’re hungry!

Check out Danny’s fake gourmet kid’s restaurant, Lil’ Buco, and catch him when he comes to tell jokes in your town!

These Things Matter Podcast - The Puterbaugh Sisters
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Puterbaugh Sisters
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Beverly Hills 90210

Comedians Tiffany and Danielle Puterbaugh could do a 2-woman show recreating every dramatic moment in Beverly Hills, 90210 and we would go see it every night. After all, in keeping with the show’s format, one night would have no baring on any other night, so you could take the crazy teens anywhere you wanted to and start all over again!

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of Aaron Spelling’s 90s triumph with two of the funniest ladies around, The Puterbaugh Sisters. Then join those funny ladies whenever you can catch their comedy stylings!


A few weeks ago I achieved an adolescent dream: I saw Weezer live. It has been 12 years since my parents decided, in their infinite squareness, that I couldn’t get into a car with a bunch of kids they hadn’t met and drive to Lincoln, NE no matter how I presented the facts. Johnny Cochran couldn’t have gotten me to that show.

To my delight this year at Riot Fest Weezer decided to cash in on the growing trend of your formerly favorite band abandoning hope that you’ll like their new stuff and just give you the damn record that made you a fan in the first place by playing the Blue Album in it’s entirety. And then they didn’t. Weezer opened their set with their newest song, “Back to the Shack.” Afterward Rivers Cuomo greeted the crowd and said we were all hopping into the time machine, “All the way back to 1994… Wait, no. 2008.” Then they went into “Pork and Beans.” This left a number of the audience members, who were chomping at the bit to fulfill a teen fantasy, restless. By the third song that wasn’t off the Blue Album a number of guys yelled, “This is bullshit!” To Weezer’s credit, the song selection included some of the more promising singles off of bad albums, until they played “Beverly Hills.” “Is this some cruel prank?” I thought to myself. “Are they going to work their way back through their catalogue then give us ‘Say It Ain’t So’ and call it a night?” Thankfully, after they finished “El Scorcho” Rivers announced they were going to take a set break and come back in a few to hop into the time machine once again. When they returned a few minutes later the backdrop had changed from the EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END’s album artwork to all blue with “WEEZER” written in the top right corner. It was not a ruse. Finally, everything was actually going to be alright. The next 45 minutes was magic and made the guy’s yelling bullshit forget all about hearing Death to False Metal. It felt like a reunion show and in a lot of ways it was.

Over the past decade-plus, Rivers Cuomo seemed to be making vanity records. He wanted to shred: Maladroit. He wanted to make a pop hit: Raditude. He got super into Lost: Hurley. That night it was like Rivers got the band back together, because for the first time in years they sounded like the band all the guy’s that looked like Buddy Holly loved.

Return to form. Getting back to their roots. Whatever cliché you want to use, recapturing those days 20 years ago is a major theme in EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END, and pretty much everything Weezer has done this year. After recently going full Thelma & Louise with producer Rick Rubin, Rivers brought Ric Ocasek back in to man the knobs hoping that they could recreate the magic of the Blue Album.

The record starts off on a promising note with “Ain’t Got Nobody,” a fuzzy hand-clapper with riffs that fall somewhere between Queen and KISS, which is followed by “Back to the Shack.” The first single off the album, “Back to the Shack” includes the lyric, “Rockin’ out like it’s ‘94.” Unfortunately, this song is closer to “Beverly Hills” than anything they rocked in ‘94. Right as it seems like the record is about to go off the rails, “Lonely Girl” pulls you back in. The song is a cross between “No One Else” and “Knock Down Drag Out” that shows Rivers can still make a really solid power pop song. Whatever goodwill this song builds is immediately squandered by “I’ve Had it Up to Here,” which sounds like it was rejected from a terrible rom-com soundtrack. “Da Vinci” is a sort of low-key “Pork and Beans” and it’s fine, but by this point it feels like we are getting Weezer methadone. “Go Away” and “Foolish Father” both sound like they would fit in nicely on the Green Album, and I’m one of the few people who doesn’t mean that as an insult. Sandwiched in between those two songs is “Cleopatra,” a song and subject that would have been cringe worthy on previous albums, is groan worthy on this redemption record. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END concludes with three songs that bleed into each other, creating a mini rock opera to close things out.

By the end, the ups and downs of this record left me feeling disoriented. Like most recent Weezer albums, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END is all over the place. At times the Weezer of old comes through and gives us a nice guitar driven pop-rock song that will stay stuck in your head. The lows, however, are especially low considering this was supposed to be more in the vein of their early stuff. It’s like Weezer hit middle age and dug around in the basement to find their favorite old t-shirt and when it didn’t fit like it used to they cut it up and turned it into a quilt. Sure, it’s sort of the same and reminds you of the old days, but only lame people will think it’s actually cool. That is the unfortunately reality of aging, going back to the shack will never be the same as being in the garage.

If you can’t get enough Weezer, check out our episode, Weezer w/ Adam Cayton-Holland