• These Things Matter - Robert Rutherford
  • These Things Matter - Mix Tapes

What can we say about Robert Rutherford? He is Kevin’s Spirit Animal. He is Taylor’s personal music guru. To know Robert is to love him, for realzies, and we hope you guys enjoy getting to know him through his mix tape selections on this episode. I mean, how can you not love a guy who makes a mix tape for his mom?! (recreated here).

We talk to Robert about how he fell in love with his partner over mix tapes, and how the art of the mix tape might be transforming rather than dying out. If you want to hear more from Robert, and of course you do, check out his monthly storytelling show The Narrators which he co-hosts with friend of the show Andrew Orvedahl every 3rd Thursday of the month at Deer Pile. And be sure to listen to The Narrators Podcast as well, especially episodes 15 and 16 on which you can hear both Taylor and Kevin tell stories!

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