• These Things Matter - AJ Finney
  • These Things Matter - The Grateful Dead

Now, as you might be able to guess, we hate jam bands. Like, hate. Like, we would never willingly choose to go to a jam band concert unless there was some sort of guarantee that by doing so, we would get a million dollars or something. But SOMEHOW, Mr. AJ Finney is just so damn charming and nice and swell… we didn’t yell at him once! We raised our voices, sure, but it was not fury but rather enthusiasm that brought us to that point of volume. Maybe AJ should be a politician. He could talk a lot of people into a lot of things (mostly hugs and/or drugs).

AJ ON NOODLING: “… if you’re in that moment, you know, if you are under the influence at that time, it’s great, cuz it’ll take you that long to figure out what’s going on.”

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