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  • These Things Matter - Serpico

So, the actual subject of this episode should be “New York Cop Movies vs. LA Cop Movies, oh and some deep talk about Pacino and De Niro Mixed In”, but that’s difficult for iTunes to work with, so it’s Cop Movies. We talk to one of the most knowledgable movie buffs Taylor knows, author Joe Abramo, about what makes a good cop movie, and why people keep making em!

We realized when we finished the episode that we may have left a few movies out of our discussion, including (as Twitter follower @guyincognito pointed out) perhaps the ultimate crossover movie, Die Hard, where a NYC cop saves LA with the help of an LA cop. (Taylor was trying to remember Reginald VelJohnson’s name recently and said, “You know, uh, Urklels dad!” which is both insulting and incorrect. Apologies.)

JOE ON THE FRENCH CONNECTION: “I remember Friedkin saying ‘some of that stuff that went on the cutting room floor was some of the best work Gene Hackman ever did, and he won the academy award, you know, nevertheless!”

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