• These Things Matter - Neil Mahoney
  • These Things Matter - The White Stripes

Well howdee! We were so excited to Skype-talk to Neil Mahoney about one of his favorite topics; cover songs! Neil is a fantastic comedy director, writer and editor, having worked on such things as ZACH GALIFIANAKIS’ “LIVE AT THE PURPLE ONION”, PAUL F. TOMPKINS’ “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME”, “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM”, BETWEEN TWO FERNS”, “KEY & PEELE” and having co-directed “FREAK DANCE” w/ Matt Besser!

Listen in as we discuss all things cover songs – What makes a good cover song? Favorites? Least Favorites? Why people cover songs in the first place?

Oh, and for your researchical pleasure, here are a few lists of top cover songs…

WhatIsThatSong.Net has a good one

The New York Post has an interesting one (via Stereogum)

And here’s another controversial list via The PopDose

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