• These Things Matter - Ian Douglas Terry
  • These Things Matter - Patrick Swayze


Guuuuuuuurrrrrrrllllll… We gunna Swayze up in dis piece.

To our guest, comedian Ian Douglas Terry, Swayze is not just a beloved actor, he’s a mentor, a guru, a teacher of life lessons… a man who can wear a goddamn pair of pants. Join us as chill out on that great beach of life, tossing the ball, catching the waves…worshiping at the alter of the Swayz… gone too soon, but never forgotten.

Check out Ian’s awesome comedy troupe, OK Party Comedy out of Omaha. They’ll be putting on the Crom Comedy Festival this May featuring our own Kevy O’Bevy plus lots and lots of friends of These Things Matter! If you ever wanted to visit Omaha, now’s your chance! Grab your ticket and head on out to the great state of Nebraska!

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