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  • These Things Matter - High Fidelity

Ladies and gents, it’s our one year anniversary! Can you believe it!? We thought about possible themes for our anniversary show (our 50th!). We were gunna maybe dress up and celebrate, but you guys would have no idea we were lookin’ fancy. We threw around a few more ideas, but then settled on the movie that really started the whole show ball rolling – High Fidelity, released in 2000, starring John Cusack, based on the 1995 book by Nick Hornby, of course

High Fidelity! (Can you hear me? Can you hear me?) We love this movie. It has influenced our lives for many years, and it certain brought the two of us together. What is this show except a series of conversations that Rob, Barry and Dick might have hanging out at Championship? So join in on the fun and help us celebrate a whole year of pop culture, autobiographically!

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