With the news that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over the Tonight Show next year, Kevin has someone in mind to take over Late Night.

Lorne Michaels
Broadway Video
1619 Broadway
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Michaels,

I am formally applying for the position of host of Late Night. I know I am not a conventional choice for the position considering I am a nobody, but I feel my abilities and lack of status make me a perfect fit to be the next host of the Late Night franchise.

As you can see from my resume I have over four years of experience as a stand-up comic, which is four more years than Conan O’Brien had when selected as host in 1993. Speaking of O’Brien, I began watching Late Night in 1995 at the ripe age of 9 years old when my parents let me have a T.V. in my room because they were too young to know how to be good parents. Their lapse in judgment can be your gain, Mr. Michaels. Those sleepless hours of my youth developed a love for absurd comedy and poor sleeping habits that will undoubtedly come in handy while hosting a late night talk show. My reverence for the 12:35 am timeslot runs deep. I came from a decidedly pro-Letterman family full of sarcasm. I’ve spent many hours watching reruns of Dave’s incarnation Late Night taking mental notes of the controlled chaos that was on display. In short, I have spent most of my life dreaming of hosting Late Night.

The thing that makes this franchise so valuable is that it is not afraid of change. I can be that change, Mr. Michaels. I’m sure you may be inclined to pick your next host from within the Lorne Michaels family; Seth Meyers, perhaps? But I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know when I say 12:30 needs to be shaken up a bit. So this is what I propose for Late Night with Kevin O’Brien: First, we shoot it live. Having the only live late night show will give an energy and excitement that no other show has except for one, Saturday Night Live. Remember the feeling you had those first few years running SNL? It was dangerous. I want to bring danger back to late night. Second, we find a small venue or warehouse space and create a studio. Not having the show on a lot will give the audience a greater sense of being a part of something in the moment as opposed to being just a laugh track. Also, having the show in this space will add to the energy we are trying to create at 12:30 am. Third, we have a legitimate rock n’ roll band as house band. The Roots has proven that an inspired house band choice can help carve out an identity for a late night show. Getting a band like Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, or Titus Andronicus will add to the edgy energy of the show while also being talented enough musicians to play covers for guest introductions and play with musical guests when required. Fourth, I propose we have just one guest for a sit down interview. Since booking A-list celebrities will be hard to come by, I recommend booking authors, musicians, comedians, and other creative types on the fringe of the mainstream. I will then spend 3 to 4 segments engaging in in-depth interviews with them. This worked previously at 12:30 with Tom Snyder’s The Tomorrow Show and Dick Cavett in the 70’s.

In addition to these ideas there will be an array of comedy bits throughout the show. Taped segments, characters, audience plants, pranks, and general smartassery will keep the show fun and provide a level of subversive comedy that audiences have come to expect at Late Night. Most importantly, I’m young and cheap. I’m 27 years old and according to my 2012 tax return I made $11,000 last year. I would be willing to work for as much as three times that amount hosting the show and I’m sure my writing staff would be willing to work for a little less than that.

Lastly, if given the position of host of Late Night you will never have to worry about me vying for the Tonight Show like so many previous hosts because Late Night is my dream. It is my Tonight Show.


Kevin O’Brien

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