• These Things Matter - Jim Hickox
  • These Things Matter - James Cameron

Director Jimmy Cameron and Comedian Jimmy Hickox. What do they have in common? They both love technology, they both are filmmakers, and they both don’t like to be called Jimmy. Okay, maybe Sigourney Weaver can call James Cameron “Jimmy”, but that’s it.

Join us as we talk to stand-up comedian Jim Hickox about his favorite director. Watching Aliens in a hotel room at Disneyland when your a kid will change your life, y’all. As Jim says, it’s all about motherhood, and face huggers, and saliva, and H.R. Geiger, and ladies running around in panties with guns. Life changing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering here is the Internet Movie Firearms Database entry for Aliens and The Terminator. Because of course you were wondering.

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