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Comedian Timmi Lasley is a Trekie. Or maybe a Treker? The debate rages on. In either case, she loves Star Trek, and why not?! Adventure, quasi-science, space stuff, go-go boots, aliens, and thin, bald, smart, British dudes.

Join us as we go where no one has gone before. Okay, LOTS of people have gone before. But not us! You can find Timmi every Thursday at El Charrito laying down some open mic madness!

One Thought on “Ep. 62 – Star Trek w/ Timmi Lasley

  1. Nadine on July 13, 2013 at 3:12 pm said:

    Out here in PDX raising a glass to TIMMI LASHLEY for her excellent Star Fleet Rep skills. (Also to the hosts, Taylor and Kevin, as always…) Taylor’s explanation of Star Trek vs. Star Wars was spot on! Yes, it’s true, Star Trek is grounded in (our) reality and Star Wars is fantasy (fake.) =) Also, re: production value – ST was created in 1966, when special effects sucked – Star Wars 1977 had breakthrough production value – not a fair comparison? As a true Trekkie, I must clarify: The Federation was “The United Federation of Planets.” TImmi’s best line: “Star Trek was the Firefly of its time.” (and yet it was FIRST, so wholly original.) Kevin’s best line re Star Trek trivia: “Much like space, it is too vast!!!” I sang along with Timmi to the Enterprise song (as I always did at home when watching each cheesy episode) Have Timmi back to elaborate more on Morality Tales, the first televised Interracial Kiss, The Borg, Vulcans and the brilliance and vision of Gene Roddenberry. Please. And yes, I too, have a roll-out piano.

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