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Musician Ian O’Dougherty has been playing in bands since he was a teenager. Fugazi came to him on a mix tape from a soon-to-be lifelong friend. They bonded over the music and the DIY ethos, and they formed a band called Uphollow, which they play in to this day!

Join us as we discuss materialism, the man, guitars, bass, drums – all the important stuff. And catch Ian all around town with the Ian Cooke Band, Uphollow, Tauntaun, Eolian, or any number of other jam sessions. He’ll also be co-producing with friend of the show Josiah Hesse a new series called ‘On The Cover’ – local bands covering an entire album front to back. The first one is July 31st: Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush performed by Fingers Of The Sun, with opener Joe Sampson, which is just such a confluence of TTMP friends, we can’t even believe it.

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