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Goodrich Gevaart is an up-and-coming Chicago comedian, making his way in the world to day and whatnot. He recently came to Denver for a string of successful comedy-type rambling shows, in the middle of which he stopped by TTMP headquarters for a chat about one of his favorite subjects – rock documentaries. Is it the allure of the rockstar lifestyle that draws him into the genre? Is it the groupies? The drugs? The human-sex-having sharks? Turns out it’s all of that and more! Join us as we get in the van and hit the road.

For more Rock Doc info, check out Pitchfork’s guide to 20 Free Rock Docs on the internet. And as a fellow fan of The Best Show on WFMU, Goodrich is certainly aware of Jon Wurster’s vast knowledge of and love for rock docs. Here is Jon’s list of docs to see from the AV Club. Not to mention this Kickstarter campaign run by WFMU’s Robert Hatch-Miller to fund a rock doc about legendary soul man Syl Johnson!

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