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  • These Things Matter Podcast - Ramones

AND THUS IT BEGINS!! Episode one of our two month-long return guest extravaganza begins with Kevin’s ultimate episode – talking to his oldest friend Cory Helie about their favorite band, The Ramones. Current radio DJ and former punk rock slob Cory could have gone on for another 5 hours about the band he loves. In fact, he has spent most of his young life enthralled by Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Marky and the rest.

Let’s all go sniff some glue and take a listen. Then be sure to listen to Cory via the internet radios on KQKY and KRNY out of Nebraska!

Also, here’s Cory’s first episode all about Kevin Smith, and here’s Ted Leo and The Pharmacists covering the “underrated mid-period” of The Ramones.

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