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Here’s a little something you may not have guessed about friend of the show Adam Cayton-Holland: He just wants to be Al Swearengen. That’s it. All this stand-up and comedy writing is nothing but a bunch of noise. He wants to stand out on his balcony and survey the land, cut deals with local politicians, maybe step on the throat of a whore or two, and definitely feed some folks to Wu’s pigs. Definitely that.

Join us as we discuss Adam’s favorite show, which turns out to be Taylor’s least favorite topic thus far. Was Deadwood the greatest show of all time? Let the debate begin!

Be sure to catch Adam anywhere he goes, including with his fellow Grawlix-members in Brooklyn for the New York Comedy Festival on November 8th! Oh, and listen to his Taylor-produced podcast, My Dining Room Table with Adam Cayton-Holland!

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