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So we decided we wanted to give you a taste of another podcast from one of our favorite folks, Mr. Jason Sims. We mentioned that we recorded this episode before, but we wanted to make sure you guys heard it. Jason is a regular caller to The Best Show on WFMU as well as a podcaster and generally hilarious gentleman. He was kind enough, along with his producer (friend of the show) Nowah Jacobs to ask Taylor to guest host his show, and Taylor was kind enough to ask your ole pal Kevin to be on her episode.

What follows is a conversation between friends who usually only discuss the merits of the latest comedian, movie, television episode or album that they are into. We can actually talk about other stuff, you guys! We hope you enjoy the show, and do go check out more episodes of Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place over at Slice Radio! His guests have included Andy Kindler, Tom Scharpling, Ted Leo and Julie Klausner!

2 Thoughts on “These Things Matter Takes Over Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place

  1. NP Pride! Born and raised. Actually just moved my mom last weekend from the house I was born and raised in.

    Thanks for the fun podcast. Loved the idea of a having a better understanding of John Hughes reference. So very true. NP is basically a suburb missing a big city.

    And a Nebraska sunset tattoo. Genius!

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