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So, okay, you caught us. We lied. We said we were having two months of return guests and here we go throwing another return guest at you. Well guess what? Our lie is in the spirit of our topic today – Breaking Mutha-fuckin’ Bad. Kevin had been talking to Cory Casciato about doing this show for almost a year now, and we can’t not have a Breaking Bad episode as soon as the show ends. It’s part of our half-assed effort to address current pop culture. Not to mention it’s all we can talk about right now anyway! So there!

Cory covers pop culture for Westword and the AV Club among other awesome publications. He joins us to celebrate what may in fact be the greatest television show of all time. Hop in the Hazmat suit, won’t you? Strap on your gas mask, throw away your Los Pollos Hermanos bucket and let’s cook.

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