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Our pal musician Georgina Guidotti had a crazy idea. She was determined to get Taylor to watch Alien. Well, actually, she suggested we watch Alien and do an Alien episode, not knowing that this would involve Taylor facing one of her greatest fears. The drooling, tube-headed, hatching, oozing, chest-bursting Alien from some crazy black planetoid way out in the middle of nowhere. Turns out the full grown Alien wasn’t so bad compared to the spider-crab face-hugging horror creature. Turns out that was way worse.

Join us on the good ship Discovery as we plot a course through space… or at least the recesses of Taylor’s childhood imagination. Georgina is our pilot through the Alien franchise. She finds the movies beautiful and the aliens cute. Perhaps the real terror is the face of H.R. Giger? Yeah, that’s a face only a mother could love. A mother who is a gigantic black Alien.

Catch Georgina slappin’ dah bass in one of her two bands, Somerset Catalog and The Big Get Even!

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