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Comedian Kevin O’Shea is many things. He’s a stand-up, he’s a curly hair enthusiast, he’s a man who enjoys wearing button-up shirts one size too small, and he is a lover of The State. No so much the military-state autocracy we find ourselves living in today (right patriots! … I don’t know what that means or why I said it)… but no, no.. the funny State! The MTV The State! You know… Allison, Ian Black, Garant, Holoubek, Jann, Kenney-Silver, Lennon, Lo Truglio, Marino, Showalter and Wain! Doug! “Dip my balls in it!” $240 Worth of Pudding! All the mayhem and wonderment you love and remember!

Join us as we look back at maybe the most punk rock show MTV ever produced. And then we’re all gunna go enjoy some monkey torture.

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