Illustration by Jeff T. Owens

In anticipation of the return of THE BEST SHOW and in light of the fact that Mr. Tom Scharpling graced our show recently, we thought it important to collect all our episodes featuring Friends of Tom in one place! This is like the opposite of the Hate Pit. (Illustrations by FOT Jeff T. Owens)


Pinball w/ musician Nathan Wright


The Larry Sanders Show w/ improviser Jason Wenger


Grateful Dead w/ Andy Kindler


Karaoke w/ comedian Josh Androsky


Planet of The Apes w/ super caller Jason Sims


Rock Documentaries w/ comedian Goodrich Gevaart


Joy Division/New Order w/ Maggie Serota


Radiohead w/ Daniel Ralston


Cover Songs w/ Neil Mahoney


William Shakespeare w/ podcaster Nowah Jacobs


Oh! And here’s Taylor’s eulogy for The Best Show when it’s WFMU run ended.


Additional FOTs since this post went up…


Led Zeppelin w/ Tom Scharpling himself!


Pavement w/ musicians Leighton Peterson and Neil McCormick


Stevie Wonder w/ Half Hour of Power theme music composer Josh Kantor


Doctor Who w/ Jason Gore, aka “Dudio”, aka “Doctor Whodio”


Dirty Dancing w/ Kristen Bartlett

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