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“You’re not the boss of me, Jack! You’re not the king of Dirk! I’m the boss of me. I’m the king of me. I’m Dirk Diggler. I’m the star. It’s my big dick and I say when we roll.”

“My name is Donnie Smith, and I have lots of love to give.”

“I have a love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine. I would say ‘that’s that’, Mattress Man.”

“I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people.”

“If you leave me now, in the next life you will be my sworn enemy. And I will show you no mercy.”

Ah, Paul Thomas Anderson. King of the understatement. If any of the above quotes made you smile, have we got the show for you. We talked to filmmaker Matty O’Connor about PTA and about how to use PTA films to pick up chicks. Frank T.J. Mackey, anyone?

Check out Matty’s films on Vimeo, and let us know what you think about the new PTA film, Inherent Vice!

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