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  • These Things Matter Podcast - Alexander Payne

Comedian Zach Peterson is a Nebraskan through and through. His Omaha roots are evident as he talks about his love of fellow Nebraskan Alexander Payne. From the Great Platte River Road Archway to the adult emporium outside of Omaha, Payne knows his Midwestern realism. He brings this realism to Hawaii and Northern California wine country as well, and we bring it to this week’s episode! (Boom!)

Be sure to catch Zach on his podcast (which he co-produces with friends of the show Kevin White and Goodrich Gevaart, and on which Kevin’s Denver version will soon appear) Arguments and Grievances, plus listen to his new podcast Getting Around To It. Oh! And Zach is also one of the producers of Chicago’s The Comedy Exposition, a fantastic comedy festival coming soon to a Chicago near you!!

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