• Evan Weissman at the Library
  • These Things Matter - Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp changed Evan Weissman’s life. He loves him from his bowler-ed head to his bowlegged feet. Charlie Chaplin himself is also an inspiration. How could one man be such a raconteur, innovator, perfectionist and physically masterful comedian? If more people were able to concentrate so intensely on their craft, says Evan, we’d live in a better world filled with people stuffing their butts with eyeballs.

Yeah, this is a weird one.

But it’s that kind of weirdness that Evan brings to Buntport Theater and his civic health organization, Warm Cookies of The Revolution. Be sure to keep an eye on Mr. Weissman because whatever he’s doing, it’s always amazing.

And be sure to catch up on his fellow Buntportian’s episodes including Hannah Duggan talking Law & Order, Erik Ekborg talking Queen, Erin Rollman discussing the Marx Brothers, and on one of our very early episodes, Brian Colonna talks westerns.

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