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Welp, sometimes people cancel on you, so you have to come up with a show… and then sometimes you decide to do the show on cancelled TV shows and it all makes sense. Join Taylor and Kevin as they discuss the legacy of our favorite shows that have gone too soon!

And for your convenience, here are the referenced episodes of These Things Matter:

Ep. 52 – TGIF w/ Brett Hiker

Ep. 67 – Arrested Development w/ Jordan Doll

Ep. 71 – Deadwood w/ Adam Cayton-Holland

Ep. 110 – Twin Peaks w/ Ashley Rogers

Ep. 112 – The State w/ Kevin O’Shea

Ep. 114 – Kids In The Hall w/ Haley Driscoll

Ep. 123 – Beverly Hills, 90210 w/ Tiffany and Danielle Puterbaugh

Ep. 127 – The Larry Sanders Show w/ Jason Wenger

Ep. 145 – Futurama w/ Jake Browne

Ep. 156 – Firefly w/ Chuck Coffey

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