These Things Matter - The Rolling Stones
  • These Things Matter - Joyce Jasurda
  • These Things Matter - The Rolling Stones

So I (Taylor) went up to Chicago and Wisconsin to visit my mom and her new cows. She’s pretty much in love with the ladies. They are Scottish Highland cows and they are pretty amazing.

In the midst of this pastoral wonderfulness, mom and I sat down to talk about the Stones! Mom always loved the Glimmer Twins, and we both recently read Keef’s autobiography, so it seemed like a great time to talk!

Hope you guys enjoy! She might be sending me a Stones mix soon!

  • These Things Matter - Nate Balding
  • These Things Matter - Mike Myers

Ah, Halloween. A time for spooks and ghosts and fun and candy and BLOODY BLOODY MURDER!!!! Holy geeze. We talk slasher movies with movie buff and horror aficionado (ah, and HILARIOUS comedian) Nate Balding.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of ALL slasher movies ever made (Holy cow!) Look no further than this page on!

  • These Things Matter - Joe Abramo
  • These Things Matter - Serpico

So, the actual subject of this episode should be “New York Cop Movies vs. LA Cop Movies, oh and some deep talk about Pacino and De Niro Mixed In”, but that’s difficult for iTunes to work with, so it’s Cop Movies. We talk to one of the most knowledgable movie buffs Taylor knows, author Joe Abramo, about what makes a good cop movie, and why people keep making em!

We realized when we finished the episode that we may have left a few movies out of our discussion, including (as Twitter follower @guyincognito pointed out) perhaps the ultimate crossover movie, Die Hard, where a NYC cop saves LA with the help of an LA cop. (Taylor was trying to remember Reginald VelJohnson’s name recently and said, “You know, uh, Urklels dad!” which is both insulting and incorrect. Apologies.)

JOE ON THE FRENCH CONNECTION: “I remember Friedkin saying ‘some of that stuff that went on the cutting room floor was some of the best work Gene Hackman ever did, and he won the academy award, you know, nevertheless!”

  • These Things Matter - Cory Helie
  • These Things Matter - Kevin Smith

Cory is one of Kevin O’Brien’s oldest friends and he’s a DJ on KQKY and KRNY in Nebraska! He and Kevin grew up on Corn Husker football and Kevin Smith movies. Listen as we discuss Snootchie Boochies and Joey Lauren Adams’ boobs.

CORY ON WATCHING CLERKS WHEN HE WAS UNDER 10: “I dismissed it immediately cuz it was a black & white movie. I was like, “This must be 100 years old!”

  • These Things Matter - Joe Sampson
  • These Things Matter - The Beatles

Do you guys know Joe Sampson?! Cuz you should! Here he is playing one of the songs from his latest album, Kill Our Friends, with the great Nathaniel Rateliff. An album which you can buy here.

He was also in Bad Weather California and he’s part of Wentworth Kersey and he has a lot of opinions about The Beatles… AND SO DO WE! Listen as we discuss the greatest band of all time (arguable!). And say hi to Joe if you see him around.

  • These Things Matter - AJ Finney
  • These Things Matter - The Grateful Dead

Now, as you might be able to guess, we hate jam bands. Like, hate. Like, we would never willingly choose to go to a jam band concert unless there was some sort of guarantee that by doing so, we would get a million dollars or something. But SOMEHOW, Mr. AJ Finney is just so damn charming and nice and swell… we didn’t yell at him once! We raised our voices, sure, but it was not fury but rather enthusiasm that brought us to that point of volume. Maybe AJ should be a politician. He could talk a lot of people into a lot of things (mostly hugs and/or drugs).

AJ ON NOODLING: “… if you’re in that moment, you know, if you are under the influence at that time, it’s great, cuz it’ll take you that long to figure out what’s going on.”

These Things Matter Podcast - Saturday Night Live
  • These Things Matter - Mara Wiles
  • These Things Matter - SNL

Mara! Mara! Mara! We love you so! Join us as we join Mara in SNL love! The fights! The sketches! The romances! The amazing history of America’s greatest comedic institution! Right?!

See Mara live at your local stand-up or improv comedy venue! AND do contribute to her fund to help with her new kidney – the kid is sew up and ready for action!

These Things Matter Podcast - Super Mario Brothers
  • These Things Matter - Jordan Doll
  • These Things Matter - Super mario

How can you not love Jordan Doll? I mean, honestly. What’s wrong with you? Are you some sort of misanthrope? Do you hate people!?! To love Jordan is to love HUMANITY, man. Or at least Mariomanity. Yeah, that’s right, we said it. Jordan joins us to discuss one of his favorite subjects – Super Mario. The whole gang, really! Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi… all of ’em!

Please do go see Jordan perform any time you can, at his weekly open mic at Kingas, at an improv stage near you, in Jordan and Kevin’s Airborne Traveling Shindig every now and again at the Deer Pile, or just on the street! Ask him for some busking! He’ll oblige!