These Things Matter Podcast - Too Much Funstival
  • These Things Matter - Too Much Funstival
  • These Things Matter - Too Much Funstival

We went to The Fine Gentleman’s Club’s Too Much Funstival and all we got was this lousy podcast!

Okay, not it’s not lousy… it’s not lousy at all! In fact it features San Francisco comic David Gborie, Bree Davies from Westword and Night of Joy, and the loveable friend of the show Sam Tallent, plus music by Fiction is Fun! Holy cats!

These Things Matter Podcast - Warlock Pinchers
  • These Things Matter - Alisha Sweeney
  • These Things Matter - Warlock Pinchers

What a treat it was to have Open Air’s Alisha Sweeney on to talk about the Colorado music scene, both past and present. Reminiscing about some of our favorites – Born In The Flood, Warlock Pinchers, Bad Weather California… and talking about new and upcoming bands like Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and In The Whale.(Check out this awesome Colorado music playlist Alisha made us on our Tumblr page!) How cool is Colorado? Pretty damn cool, it turns out.

Listen to Alisha every weekday morning in Denver on Open Air 1340am from 7am to 11am. She and the other Open Air DJ’s are playing some of the best tunes in town, y’all.

These Things Matter Podcast - Ryan Adams
  • These Things Matter - Chella Negro
  • These Things Matter - Ryan Adams

Musician Chella Negro loves Ryan Adams. Like LOVES. Like having a Ryan Adams-themed tatoo LOVES. She joins us on this episode to talk about what life is like loving Mr. Adams and his special brand of what some call inauthenticity.

Want to know more about Chella? Do take a peek at her band, Chella Negro and The Charm, playing at a cool place near you!

These Things Matter Podcast - Laugh Track Festival
  • These Things Matter - Laugh Track COmedy Festival 1
  • These Things Matter - Laugh Track Comedy Festival 2

Friends of the show, the Nix Brothers, put on their second annual Laugh Track Comedy Festival last summer, and your intrepid correspondents were there to cover it all! Or at least to ask a bunch of the comedians and filmmakers what their favorite stand-up special of all time is.

Check out this link to our Tumblr page where we compiled links to every single person we interviewed on the show. Holy crap!

These Things Matter Podcast - Concerts
  • These Things Matter - Kevin Johnston
  • These Things Matter - Beck at Red Rocks

Taylor and her pal Kevin Johnston bonded over music. Whether it was listening to Radiohead til 3 in the morning or going to see Beck at Red Rocks together, T & K love music. And so it was only appropriate that we ask ole KJ on the show to talk concerts. We were lucky in that Kevin had a plethora of experiences, both as a performer and an audience member.

If you want to hear more of Kevin, do please check out his band The Bright Silence, and their debut self-titled album here!

These Things Matter Podcast - Westerns
  • These Things Matter - Brian Colonna
  • Ep13_coverpic

Brian Colonna is many things: actor, writer, director, designer, producer and the artistic director of Denver’s best theatre company, Buntport. He is also a film buff and a westerns enthusiast. For this episode, we did things a little differently. We challenged each other to watch a series of westerns prior to the episode. Kevin’s picks were Rio Bravo and The Cowboys, Taylor chose Tombstone and The Wild Bunch, while Brian chose a great Howard Hawkes classic, Red River, and… well… Cat Ballou. Bless his heart.

Join us as we get into it with Brian! If you wanna get into it with Brian (!) check out anything at Buntport ever, including their Tuesday night shows, The Great Debate and Buntport Versus. Always a treat.

These Things Matter Podcast - Pop Punk
  • These Things Matter - Heather Turo
  • These Things Matter - Green Day

Linguist Heather Turo had been talking to Kevin about her punk rock theories for a while when he invited her on the show. What a fascinating talk about genre and meaning. Who knew GG Allen and The Misfits could inspire such intellectualism! Heather talks about growing up a punk rock kid and how pop punk actually has merits. No, really!

These Things Matter Podcast - The Road
  • These Things Matter - Sam Tallent
  • These Things Matter - The Road

Comedian and musician Sam Tallent is a force of nature. He is a reluctant leader of men. He is a comedian who lives up to his surname. He is punk rock, through and through. All of these aspects contribute to him being one of the road doggiest road dogs you’ll ever know. Kevin and Taylor had a fantastic trip of a time hearing road stories, both comedic and musical.

If you are lucky enough to have Sam come to your town on one of his many trips across the country, don’t miss out. Whether he’s playing with his two-man punk band Red vs. Black, or part of his comedy troupe, The Fine Gentleman’s Club, or as a solo gentleman (check out his debut album here), he is not to be missed. You can also see him most Wednesdays at Too Much Fun above City ‘O City at the Deer Pile, on TFGC’s podcast, aptly called ‘Too Much Funcast’, and in this video clip of Sam with the awesome Chris Gethard.