These Things Matter Podcast - Festivals
  • These Things Matter - Tuyet Nguyen
  • These Things Matter - Music Festivals

Taylor’s pal Tuyet Nguyen comes from quite the pop cultural journalism background. She wrote for and edited the Denver edition of the Onion AV Club, plus lending her considerable talents to Westword, SPIN magazine, and many other organizations. These days she tends to be on the road selling merch for bands like Deer Tick, or helping run huge festivals like Cochella and Bonnaroo.

Tuyet shares stories and opinions about what makes a great fest. Listen and lean, young William Millers!

These Things Matter Podcast - Weezer
  • These Things Matter - Adam Cayton-Holland
  • These Things Matter - Weezer

Ahhhh, Weezer. What would the world be like without Weezer? Taylor and guest Adam Cayton-Holland would not be friends, for one thing. Kev and Tay love ACH. Them’s the truth words. And all three of them love Weezer. Join us as we discuss Rivers, The Blue Album, Pinkerton, and those other 6 or 7 or however many albums that we don’t care to think about.

Adam Cayton-Holland is blowing up in the comedy world right now, and for all the A’s to your Q’s, go to his awesomely named website, There you’ll find all his tour dates, his videos, and an awesome blog post he wrote about us after appearing on the show. PLUS, our own Taylor is producing his podcast, My Dining Room Table, dropping every other Wednesday from here until eternity. We’re following the Gary The Squirrel method of success – “Innovative. Multi-Platform. SYNERGY.”

These Things Matter Podcast - Mixtapes
  • These Things Matter - Robert Rutherford
  • These Things Matter - Mix Tapes

What can we say about Robert Rutherford? He is Kevin’s Spirit Animal. He is Taylor’s personal music guru. To know Robert is to love him, for realzies, and we hope you guys enjoy getting to know him through his mix tape selections on this episode. I mean, how can you not love a guy who makes a mix tape for his mom?! (recreated here).

We talk to Robert about how he fell in love with his partner over mix tapes, and how the art of the mix tape might be transforming rather than dying out. If you want to hear more from Robert, and of course you do, check out his monthly storytelling show The Narrators which he co-hosts with friend of the show Andrew Orvedahl every 3rd Thursday of the month at Deer Pile. And be sure to listen to The Narrators Podcast as well, especially episodes 15 and 16 on which you can hear both Taylor and Kevin tell stories!

These Things Matter Podcast - Summer Music
  • These Things Matter - Ben Kronberg
  • These Things Matter - The Lovin' Spoonful

Oh, comedian and bon vivant Ben Kronberg. As Hunter S. Thompson once wrote: “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

We talk to Ben about Summer songs. You know – “Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonful, “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly & The Family Stone… and anything by Zeppelin, of course. Plus Ben tells lots of tales of New York City and ladies. Lots and lots of ladies.

If you want to know more about Ben, go to his website and check out his
web series, Ted & Gracie.

These Things Matter Podcast - B-Movies
  • These Things Matter - Harrison Rains
  • These Things Matter - Flash Gordon

Episode 5 finds us chatting with local movie guru Harrison Rains. Harrison runs Mile Hi Sci Fi, a monthly live movie commentary event at the Denver Film Center in which comedians make fun of all sorts of movies LIVE for your enjoyment!

We talk to Harrison about Summer blockbusters, both past and future, and why on earth Queen didn’t become to go-to band for epic blockbuster movie soundtracks. Seems like an obvious choice to us.

  • Ep 4 - Michelle Miracle
  • Ep 4 - Michelle Miracle

And now for our first guest, Michelle Miracle! Michelle is a Denver comedy, improv and theatre legend, and we were so excited to have her on to talk about her entertainment and performance experiences. Have you ever seen improv jump out of a toilet on a charter bus? We seriously doubt it.

You can find out more about Michelle and her fabulous LA life at her website,

These Things Matter Podcast - Paul McCartney
  • These Things Matter - Tay Kev and Paul
  • These Things Matter - Paul McCartney

Wellllll heeellllloooooo world! Welcome to These Things Matter! The podcast for pop cultural enthusiasts and the weirdos who love them.

This was our first episode! What a long time ago it was. We had an idea. An idea that we started talking about, and then we started doings something about it, and the result was this! The sound quality was not the best – we figured that out as we went – and the topic of conversation was more wandering than other episodes, but overall, it was the a podcast! Join us as we discuss the Talking Heads Tribute Band we went and saw, This Must Be The Band, and maybe we’re amazed at Paul McCartney? The answer is yes. He comes up a lot over the course of our episodes. What can we say? We’re mad for Macca.