These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kate Gonda
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan

It’s Pan the Man! Join us as we chat with Kate Gonda, aka Taylor’s sister, about growing up obsessed with Peter Pan. If you ever wanted to have adventures with your plucky fairy friend, build tree houses with your pals, fight pirates, and chill with mermaids and American Indians, then Peter Pan was you guy.

Kate wanted to be Peter Pan for most of her childhood (and we have the pictures to prove it). As an adult, she’s rocking into the art world. Check out her portfolio at and if you see her around town, be sure to ask her to crow like Pan.

These Things Matter - Ray Bradbury
  • THese Things Matter Podcast - Andy Sell
  • These Things Matter Podcast - ray Bradbury

Some people get to meet their heroes. Some people get to talk to their heroes. And some people get to work at their hero’s theatre company and the read a poem about their hero to their hero and said hero then cries when hearing said poem. This is the life that comedian Andy Sell has lead.

Join us as we discuss Andy’s hero, employer and friend, Ray Bradbury. A master of science fiction and science fantasy, and an all around good guy. Be sure to check out Andy’s podcast People We Know, his poetry at Invincibility Potion, his web comic Kyle and Grandpa Forever, and check him out when he comes to do stand-up in your town!

These Things Matter Podcast R. Crumb
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Noah Van Sciver
  • These Things Matter - Robert Crumb

Here’s all we’re gunna say about the latest episode (cartoon copyright Noah Van Sciver 2014):


…okay, maybe that’s not everything. We talked to cartoonist Noah Van Sciver about Robert Crumb and all of his strange/sexual/weird/wonderful doodlings. Be sure to check out Noah’s stuff over at Fantagraphics Books and on his tumblr blog!

These Things Matter Podcast David Foster Wallace
  • These Things Matter Podcast - William Dewey
  • These Things Matter Podcast - David Foster Wallace

And now we present another installment in our ongoing series, “Taylor And Kevin Attempt To Appear Intellectual”. We tend to get a little intimidated talking about the world of literature. Luckily, with author William Dewey as our guest, we were not made to look like fools.

Join us as we discuss one of the rock star authors of the past 30 years, David Foster Wallace. A Gen X hipster whose prose is deeper than his too-cool-for-school reputation. A chronicler of hideous men, insanity-inducing movies and all manner of pop cultural topics including political campaigns, books, lobsters, cruises and porn industry award ceremonies. Jump off the high dive and into the deep end.

Be sure to check out William’s novels: WITHOUT A SOUL TO MOVE and THE HOMELAND OF PURE JOY.