These Things Matter Podcast - Finale
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Welp… that’s a wrap. We didn’t quite make it to 250 episodes, and we didn’t quite make it to five years, but that’s how life goes sometimes. Who would have guessed when we started the show that Kevin would be heading off to New York City and Taylor would be heading to Los Angeles? …I mean, I suppose you probably could have made an educated guess. Nevertheless!

We hope you have enjoyed the show whether you listened to one ep or every ep (god save your poor soul). Please know we telepathically heard every time you yelled at your listening device when we got something wrong. You guys yell a LOT!

To absolutely everyone involved in making this show – producers, guests, designers, photographers, bandmates and listeners – THANK YOU.

And now we present The End.


-Taylor & Kevin

These Things Matter Podcast Live at Denver Film Festival
  • These Things Matter Podcast live at the DFF
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Denver Film Festival


Oh man, you guys. What fun we had at the 38th annual Denver Film Festival! We talked to Joseph Kolean (director of Valley Maker music video – “Only Friend”), Rob Christopher (director of the feature film, Pause of the Clock), Don Swaynos (producer of the short film, The Outfit) and Michael Haskins (actor and producer of the feature film, Decay) about their favorite animated films LIVE from the 38th annual Denver Film Festival at the Sie Filmcenter.

Why animated films? Because the opening night feature – Charlie Kaufmann’s Anomalisa – features some stop motion puppet sex. We can’t not talk about that!

Check out the rest of the fest through November 15th right here!

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba - These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Zak Kinsella
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba


“It doesn’t matter where you’re from – or how you feel… There’s always peace in a strong cup of coffee.”

Although our guest, cartoonist Zak Kinsella, does not drink coffee, he gets how important it is to fellow comic book artists Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon. Zak talks about comics the way Gabriel and Fábio do. Comic books are their chosen catalysts. Modes of transportation. The means by which one is able to explore, elucidate and transcend the mundane world.

Join us as we talk about Gabriel and Fábio’s fantastical worlds, filled with heart and depth. And be sure to check out Zak’s fantastical heart-depth worlds in his comics on his website here!

These Things Matter Podcast - Dinosaurs
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Ian Cooke
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Dinosaurs


We were so thrilled to have musician (and old school chum of Taylor’s) Ian Cooke on the show today! His new album, Antiquasauria, arrives Spring of 2015. It’s all about dinosaurs, so of course we’ve gotta talk Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park, to be sure, but also The Land Before Time, Dinotopia, Land of The Lost, Dinosaurs the TV show, King Kong, Clash of the Titans, Denver The Last Dinosaur, and most obscure, Taylor’s favorite library album “Dinosaur Rock”!

Check Ian’s website here for all your Ian Cooke needs, and be sure to catch him around Denver (and the country) to hear some serious cello-centric prog rock goodness.

These Things Matter Podcast - South Park
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Scott LaBarbera
  • These Things Matter Podcast - South Park


Why it’s the most family-friendly, wholesome, god-fearing cartoon show ever to grace American television! It’s South Park! Join us as we chat with Scott LaBarbera, owner of the Oriental Theater here in Denver, about Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman and the world of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s time to take acid and head to the Oscars, kiddos!

In case you didn’t know, you can watch every episode of South Park ever right here!

These Things Matter - Ren and Stimpy
  • These Things Matter - Randy Washington
  • These Things Matter - Ren and Stimpy


Hello you EEEEDIIOTS! Allow us to tell you about our guest. Randy Washington is a RAD-ASS musician. His alter-ego Chön is one half of TOTAL GHOST, zee greatest German electronic dance band you’ve EVER HEARD! And he co-hosts Delusions of Randeur at Beauty Bar with Ladyface’s Kristen Rand. ALSO, he’s one of the most insane pop-cultural enthusiasts we’ve ever hung out with. Listen in as we discuss the cartoons that shaped our lives – Rugrats, Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life… and perhaps most importantly… REN & STIMPY!

YES sir, we DO like it!