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Welp… that’s a wrap. We didn’t quite make it to 250 episodes, and we didn’t quite make it to five years, but that’s how life goes sometimes. Who would have guessed when we started the show that Kevin would be heading off to New York City and Taylor would be heading to Los Angeles? …I mean, I suppose you probably could have made an educated guess. Nevertheless!

We hope you have enjoyed the show whether you listened to one ep or every ep (god save your poor soul). Please know we telepathically heard every time you yelled at your listening device when we got something wrong. You guys yell a LOT!

To absolutely everyone involved in making this show – producers, guests, designers, photographers, bandmates and listeners – THANK YOU.

And now we present The End.


-Taylor & Kevin

These Things Matter Podcast - Gene Hackman
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Adam Maid
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Wes Anderson

“Here are just a few of the key ingredients: dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas, choppers – can you see how incredible this is going to be? – hang gliding, come on!”

“I saved Latin. What did you ever do?”

“You heard me, Coltrane.”

“I’m going to find it and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet, maybe dynamite.”

“Maybe we could express ourselves more fully when we say it without words.”

“Are you cussing with me?”

“I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it.”

Need we say more?

Except to say our guest, Adam Maid, is a sketch comedian and stand-up of the highest order and you should go see him whenever he is in your general vicinity, especially when he’s performing in Bridge & Tunnel, his sketch comedy group which includes friends of the show Jason Gore and Kristen Bartlett!

These Things Matter Podcast 200 Episode
These Things Matter Podcast - Turner Classic Movies
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Neal Pollack
  • These Things Matter Podcast - All About Eve

On today’s episode we talk to author Neal Pollack about his love of Turner Classic Movies. We’ve never had a whole television network to talk about, and so our discussion meanders from classic 40s noir to Altman’s 70s masterpieces. Do we include a racist music number? Of course we do. Listen in and meet us in St. Louis!

Be sure to check out Neal’s books all over the damn place, including his new Amazon single, “Not Coming To a Theater Near You”, available now!

Also, here is the link to the GoFundMe page for Taylor’s Aunt Nadine. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT COOL AUNTS!

  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kristen Bartlett
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Right?! RIGHT!? Can you feel the emotion? The music? The pure horn-dogginess of it all? It’s 1963 by way of 1988 and it’s DIRTY DANCING, GUYS!

Join us as we talk to writer/performer Kristen Bartlett about Dirty Dancing, which was a companion piece to her first porn watching experience. Seems about right in retrospect. Practice your lifts, punch a hole in your car, hang up your leather jacket and let’s get to some Mickey & Sylvia lip syncing, guys.

Be sure to check out Kristen’s sketch comedy group Bridge and Tunnel if you’re in the New York area, and then look for the Dead Dad’s Club, her show with our pal Jason Gore. You can also hear Kristen occasionally on the Half Hour of Power, the Best Show Post-Show. And follow her on Twitter!! DO IT!

These Things Matter Podcast Live at High Plains
  • High Plains Comedy Festival These Things Matter Podcast
  • High Plains Comedy Fest

Ah, August. Ah, Summer. Ah, South Broadway. In Denver, all these things mean it’s time for the High Plains Comedy Festival! These Things Matter has been a part of the fun for all three years, and we’ve moved on up every time. Year one, we were in Mutiny Cafe, performing for a crowd that was not quite sure what they were watching. Year two, we blew the roof and the Satanism outta Trve brewery.

In year three, featured on this episode, we were fortunate enough to have the show in the best venue in town, the Hi-Dive. Our topic was “Comedy Movie MVP” and with our guests, Karen Kilgariff, Jay Larson, Jonah Ray and Ron Funches, we discuss who brings it in comedies on the silver screen. Who’s got the best batting average, comedy movie-wise? And how many other sports references can we throw in to the mix?

Thanks to Andy Juett, Adam Cayton-Holland and all the other super stars who made the fest the best! And thanks to YOU for coming out!!

These Things Matter - Doctor Who
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jason Gore
  • These Things Matter - Doctor Who

“Would you like a jelly baby?” Perhaps only on a quirky, wildly imaginative, extremely British show like Doctor Who could such a saying be a catch phrase, and yet there it is! From the Fourth Doctor to be exact.

Oh, what’s this now? You were unaware of the sci-fi/sci-fantasy show that’s been running for over 50 years (give or take a 13 year break) on the BBC? Since 1963, in fact? Where there have been 12 manifestations of the main character (13 if you count the War Doctor, which, of course you should count the War Doctor). My dear companion, you have so much to learn!

Join us as we talk to the Dudio himself, improviser, sketch comedian and Best Show producer, Jason Gore, all about his beloved Doctor Who. Do we end up going off on an hour and a half defense of the Sixth Doctor? No. No, of course we don’t. But if you’re a David Tennant fan, you might be in for a treat!

Also be sure to check out all our other episodes featuring Friends of Tom!

These Things Matter Podcast - Stevie Wonder
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Stevie Wonder
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Stevie Wonder

Our guest Josh Kantor has lead a crazy life. Not only does he moonlight in two indie rock supergroups: Split Squad and Baseball Project, with members of Fleshtones, Plimsouls, Blondie, Dream Syndicate, R.E.M., Fauntleroys, and Young Fresh Fellows, he is also the organist for the Boston Red Sox! Good lord!

Josh is also absolutely, unabashedly fanatical about Stevie Wonder. As a kid in the 70s, he loved the sounds of Stevie’s various harmonicas, organs and synthesizers, and as a dude in college he became a full-blown obsessive. Listen in as we discuss the great man and his incredible music.

These Things Matter Podcast - Led Zeppelin
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Tom Scharpling
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Led Zeppelin

Holy moly. Jeepers Creepers. You guys. You guys. It’s TOM SCHARPLING talking LED ZEPPELIN. Talk about good guys winning!

As host of The Best Show on WFMU and as the host of the forthcoming independently produced Best Show, Mr. Scharpling has preached the gospel of Jimmy Page and company for years. We were so honored and excited to have him on the show talking Zep, talking Lord of The Rings, and even throwing in a Beatles unfair record review for good measure! We’re all buying the stairway to heaven with this one, guys.

Be sure to catch the new Best Show on, and grab yourself a Scharpling and Wurster box set from Numero Group! Taylor’s already got her piece of Jon Wurster’s infamous telephone!

Illustration by Jeff T. Owens

In anticipation of the return of THE BEST SHOW and in light of the fact that Mr. Tom Scharpling graced our show recently, we thought it important to collect all our episodes featuring Friends of Tom in one place! This is like the opposite of the Hate Pit. (Illustrations by FOT Jeff T. Owens)


Pinball w/ musician Nathan Wright


The Larry Sanders Show w/ improviser Jason Wenger


Grateful Dead w/ Andy Kindler


Karaoke w/ comedian Josh Androsky


Planet of The Apes w/ super caller Jason Sims


Rock Documentaries w/ comedian Goodrich Gevaart


Joy Division/New Order w/ Maggie Serota


Radiohead w/ Daniel Ralston


Cover Songs w/ Neil Mahoney


William Shakespeare w/ podcaster Nowah Jacobs


Oh! And here’s Taylor’s eulogy for The Best Show when it’s WFMU run ended.


Additional FOTs since this post went up…


Led Zeppelin w/ Tom Scharpling himself!


Pavement w/ musicians Leighton Peterson and Neil McCormick


Stevie Wonder w/ Half Hour of Power theme music composer Josh Kantor


Doctor Who w/ Jason Gore, aka “Dudio”, aka “Doctor Whodio”


Dirty Dancing w/ Kristen Bartlett