These Things Matter Podcast - Daisy BB Gun
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  • These Things Matter Podcast - BB Guns


It’s time for a toys episode, you guys. Well, a toys episode that turns into an American history episode that turns into an epic road trip story involving hitchhiking pirates. Seriously. It’s the world of writer and archeologist Mark Sanders, y’all! Join us as we talk about America’s favorite toy – the BB gun. We do so avoiding all discussion of the dangers of American gun culture! How ’bout them apples?!

You can read some of Mark’s many pieces of writing here at Westword and hopefully you’ll be able to read his BB Gun adventure book soon!

These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kate Gonda
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Peter Pan


It’s Pan the Man! Join us as we chat with Kate Gonda, aka Taylor’s sister, about growing up obsessed with Peter Pan. If you ever wanted to have adventures with your plucky fairy friend, build tree houses with your pals, fight pirates, and chill with mermaids and American Indians, then Peter Pan was you guy.

Kate wanted to be Peter Pan for most of her childhood (and we have the pictures to prove it). As an adult, she’s rocking into the art world. Check out her portfolio at and if you see her around town, be sure to ask her to crow like Pan.

These Things Matter Podcast - Kevin O'Brien
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kevin O'Brien
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Taylor Gonda


Ah, Summer. A time when young men and women’s minds turn to thoughts of the impending apocalypse/rapture, to swimming around in existentialism and ennui. Or maybe that’s just Kevin and Taylor. Join the not-so-dynamic duo as they discuss their respective Summers thus far. Road tripping, reading, drinking, whatnot. Oh and here’s the song Kevin was referring to in the ep:

These Things Matter Podcast - Karaoke
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Josh Androsky
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Karaoke


Josh Androsky is a force with which to be reckoned. He and his girlfriend rolled up to Casa de TTMP after road tripping from Arizona and he was hot on the mic from the get-go! What charisma! What enthusiasm! What a Karaoke machine this man is.

Join us as we discuss the importance of a good karaoke song, how not to be a douche, and whether or not your are worthy of the Joy Dictator’s benevolence.

You can catch Josh all over these United States and especially L.A. AND at the upcoming Jokeoke show at the VooDoo Comedy Playhouse on Sunday, June 1st at 10pm.

These Things Matter Podcast
  • These Things Matter Podcast
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Holy shnikes. It happened. We just kept putting out episodes, week after week, and it happened. We hit 100 episodes. It’s crazy how it all comes together.

And now we present our first clip show! From top to bottom, here are the shows from which we drew:

Thank you to all of our guests! Thank you to our fantastic sponsor Sexy Pizza and Kayvan Khalatbari! Thank you to our webmaster Karl Uschold! Thank you to Ryan Brackin, Christopher Baker and Katharine Gonda for taking pictures of us! Thank you to Mike King for our pretty posters!

And most especially thank you to YOU! YOU the listener! You the Facebook liker! You the Twitter follower! We hope you like our clip show – we made it just for you!

Come celebrate with us on Thursday, April 24th! 8pm! The Sidewinder Tavern! Live podcast taping plus a set by Milk Machine!

These Things Matter Podcast The Brat Pack
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Kayvan Khalatbari
  • These Things Matter Podcast - The Brat Pack


And now a word from our sponsor! Seriously, Kayvan Khalatbari is our sponsor! he is the owner of Sexy Pizza, Denver Relief, Birdy magazine and Sexpot Comedy, which is the umbrella name for all the ways that he supports Denver comedy!

We were so happy to have Kayvan on to talk about The Brat Pack – Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy. Join us as we discuss that strange phenomenon when a scene becomes a national craze, and when the sweet sincerity of John Hughes seemed really, really cool.

These Things Matter Podcast Urban Legends
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Keith Garcia
  • These Things Matter Podcast


Join us as we travel through the collective unconscious with Keith Garcia! Keith is one of Denver’s foremost film experts. He ran the Watching Hour series for the Denver Film Society for a decade and he is now the Creative Manager over at the Alamo Drafthouse where he and Theresa Mercado run the neo-cult series Channel Z.

Dive into celebrity death hoaxes, chilling babysitter tales and other bite-size snippets of horror as we discuss urban legends.

These Things Matter Podcast Jack Kerouac Neal Cassady
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Heather Dalton
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady


We’re starting out the year on a literary note, y’all. We’re talkin’ Beats, daddio. Get your snappin’ fingers ready and buy a dime bag of speed because we’re talking Kerouac and Denver’s own Neal Cassady.

Joining us to talk about these legends of post-war America is producer and documentarian Heather Dalton. Heather has been putting together a documentary about Neal Cassady for six years now and she has many tales to tell. Are these former voices of a generation relevant today? Listen in!

Be sure to watch Heather’s show Sounds on 29th (featuring Kevin O’Brien in the latest episode), which you can stream online, and watch for her documentary Neal Cassady: The Denver Years!

These Things Matter Podcast - Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place
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So we decided we wanted to give you a taste of another podcast from one of our favorite folks, Mr. Jason Sims. We mentioned that we recorded this episode before, but we wanted to make sure you guys heard it. Jason is a regular caller to The Best Show on WFMU as well as a podcaster and generally hilarious gentleman. He was kind enough, along with his producer (friend of the show) Nowah Jacobs to ask Taylor to guest host his show, and Taylor was kind enough to ask your ole pal Kevin to be on her episode.

What follows is a conversation between friends who usually only discuss the merits of the latest comedian, movie, television episode or album that they are into. We can actually talk about other stuff, you guys! We hope you enjoy the show, and do go check out more episodes of Jason Sims Puts You In Your Place over at Slice Radio! His guests have included Andy Kindler, Tom Scharpling, Ted Leo and Julie Klausner!

These Things Matter Podcast - Taylor Gonda Kevin O'Brien
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Taylor Gonda Kevin O'Brien
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Well, sometimes the fates are against you. We had a few guests fall through, so it’s back to your ole pals Tay and Kev hashing it all out, mano-a-womano. Join us as we discuss our pop cultural summers, and heck, our summers in general. Taylor wishes she could have summer vacation as an adult. Kevin lives his whole life as if it is summer vacation. How could these two polar opposites ever speak in a civil manner!? Tune in to find out!