• These Things Matter - Cory Helie
  • These Things Matter - Kevin Smith

Cory is one of Kevin O’Brien’s oldest friends and he’s a DJ on KQKY and KRNY in Nebraska! He and Kevin grew up on Corn Husker football and Kevin Smith movies. Listen as we discuss Snootchie Boochies and Joey Lauren Adams’ boobs.

CORY ON WATCHING CLERKS WHEN HE WAS UNDER 10: “I dismissed it immediately cuz it was a black & white movie. I was like, “This must be 100 years old!”

These Things Matter Podcast - Westerns
  • These Things Matter - Brian Colonna
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Brian Colonna is many things: actor, writer, director, designer, producer and the artistic director of Denver’s best theatre company, Buntport. He is also a film buff and a westerns enthusiast. For this episode, we did things a little differently. We challenged each other to watch a series of westerns prior to the episode. Kevin’s picks were Rio Bravo and The Cowboys, Taylor chose Tombstone and The Wild Bunch, while Brian chose a great Howard Hawkes classic, Red River, and… well… Cat Ballou. Bless his heart.

Join us as we get into it with Brian! If you wanna get into it with Brian (!) check out anything at Buntport ever, including their Tuesday night shows, The Great Debate and Buntport Versus. Always a treat.

These Things Matter Podcast - B-Movies
  • These Things Matter - Harrison Rains
  • These Things Matter - Flash Gordon

Episode 5 finds us chatting with local movie guru Harrison Rains. Harrison runs Mile Hi Sci Fi, a monthly live movie commentary event at the Denver Film Center in which comedians make fun of all sorts of movies LIVE for your enjoyment!

We talk to Harrison about Summer blockbusters, both past and future, and why on earth Queen didn’t become to go-to band for epic blockbuster movie soundtracks. Seems like an obvious choice to us.