These Things Matter Podcast Grand Theft Auto
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Aaron Urist
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Grand Theft Auto

Oh, man. Break out the Cheetos and the Mountain Dew. Make sure your couch cushions are nice and comfy. It’s Grand Theft Auto. Strap in.

Our pal comedian Aaron Urist gets deep with the most popular video game franchise ever. What makes GTA so compelling? Why is it so popular? And what’s the best way to build up a 6 cop car barricade after you stock up on grenade launchers? This is Taylor writing this, BTW, so I might be totally full of bull.

Check out Aaron where ever fine comedy is served, including tomorrow (Wednesday, October 16th) at the Comedy Works New Faces finale! And hey! Ol’ Kev’s gunna be there too! Don’t miss out!

These Things Matter Podcast - Super Mario Brothers
  • These Things Matter - Jordan Doll
  • These Things Matter - Super mario

How can you not love Jordan Doll? I mean, honestly. What’s wrong with you? Are you some sort of misanthrope? Do you hate people!?! To love Jordan is to love HUMANITY, man. Or at least Mariomanity. Yeah, that’s right, we said it. Jordan joins us to discuss one of his favorite subjects – Super Mario. The whole gang, really! Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi… all of ’em!

Please do go see Jordan perform any time you can, at his weekly open mic at Kingas, at an improv stage near you, in Jordan and Kevin’s Airborne Traveling Shindig every now and again at the Deer Pile, or just on the street! Ask him for some busking! He’ll oblige!