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  • These Things Matter Podcast - Chevy Chase Caddyshack

Our pal producer and Mouthstepper Andy Juett is a one man force of nature. Dude helps run the number one comedy radio station in the country, Comedy 103.1, he produced T.J. Miller’s Denver video, he co-produces the High Plains Comedy Festival and he’s one-third of the Mouthstepperz, the world’s only a cappella dub step group.

When he’s not running the comedy world, apparently he’s watching Caddyshack. So much so that we talked about the 1980 comedy classic for an hour and a half, and we could have kept going. Gophers, Kenny Loggins, Murray, Chase, Dangerfield, tits, golf, Ramis, Doyle-Murray, and not to mention the legendary Ted Knight. It’s in the hole!

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