• These Things Matter Podcast - Heather Dalton
  • These Things Matter Podcast - Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady

We’re starting out the year on a literary note, y’all. We’re talkin’ Beats, daddio. Get your snappin’ fingers ready and buy a dime bag of speed because we’re talking Kerouac and Denver’s own Neal Cassady.

Joining us to talk about these legends of post-war America is producer and documentarian Heather Dalton. Heather has been putting together a documentary about Neal Cassady for six years now and she has many tales to tell. Are these former voices of a generation relevant today? Listen in!

Be sure to watch Heather’s show Sounds on 29th (featuring Kevin O’Brien in the latest episode), which you can stream online, and watch for her documentary Neal Cassady: The Denver Years!

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